Our Vision

PhotonicTek's vision is to become the industry leader in optimizing projected light-based products, improving their efficiency and providing significant reductions in cost of use.  We envision the products we are building can even save lives in certain situations.


PhotonicTek, Inc. is a New York C-Corporation with offices in East Meadow, NY and engineering operations in Arizona.  PhotonicTek’s R&D lighting work began in 2016 after the company acquired the full assets and entire patent portfolio of Wavien, Inc. to secure the intellectual property for developing our own products.  The company has over 130 worldwide patents in our portfolio, is developing disruptive products using advanced technologies to integrate photonics, optics, and electronics into multiple products for various markets, and continuing to create new IP.  We are currently pursuing product development and sales in LED, fiber optics, lasers, and other lighting technologies.

The PhotonicTek Team

PhotonicTek’s management team combines knowledge and experience in technology R&D, Product Development, and Manufacturing and has consistently developed, deployed, and managed many different types of ventures from early stage technology and device-centric businesses to large, integrated enterprises in varying stages of a company’s evolution.  The team is comprised of seasoned professionals with a history of senior leadership in start-ups / re-engineering, consulting, technology-based companies, and high-tech product manufacturing fields with domestic and international experience in multiple markets and the areas of photonics, optics, LED, laser, fiber optics, and other lighting technologies.  The PhotonicTek management team embodies decades of knowledge across broad and diverse industries and functional disciplines, with each executive bringing over 30 years of experience to the company.


PhotonicTek is always interested in speaking with potential strategic partners.  We also are looking for investors that share our vision in growing a company with technology that has broad application to many markets.  If you would like more information about the opportunity to share in PhotonicTek’s growth, please visit our Contact page.