How RLT™ Works

Recycled Light Technology™

RLT™ Retroreflectors

RLT™ stands for Recycling Light Technology™. The RLT is a small, low-cost, passive component that increases the projected light output of conventional LEDs by 150-300%.  Our patented RLT optics achieve these results by collecting the wide-angle “waste” or “stray” light that normally diffuses from a LED source using conventional illumination systems.  (Think about the difference between an overhead light bulb illuminating everything in a room and a spotlight that’s pointed in only one direction.)  The light inside the RLT is redirected back onto the LED phosphor light source, increasing emittance, and then directed out the RLT’s aperture opening, resulting in a more compact, focused, and brighter beam.  This narrow output projected beam is totally uniform and just as bright at the edge as it is in the center, with no “hot spots” and a "hard edge" between the light beam and the background (as shown in the picture below).  The usable light output is significantly boosted by the RLT retroreflector with no additional power required.

PhotonicTek’s family of RLT™ optics can be used with a wide variety of light sources including LEDs, HIDs, Plasma, and Laser-Phosphor Hybrids ranging from miniature sizes with low power all the way to 1,000+ Watts.  For LEDs, this brightness improvement works well for white, multicolored, and solid color chips, where a narrow beam output angle is desired.

RLT Lightpipes Increase Brightness

PhotonicTek's patented RLT light recycling technology can also be utilized with lightpipes and waveguides.  The recycling reflection step occurs at the lightpipe's output end perimeter and reflects stray light back to the light source, which further increases output brightness.  Our RLT lightpipes can be incorporated into projectors and other focused-beam applications to provide white and color images with increased and uniform brightness.  In addition to LEDs, other light sources can be used with RLT lightpipes and waveguides.

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