PhotonicTek’s Intellectual Property Portfolio forms the foundation for our product designs.  Not only do we possess the basic patents that are the innovation behind these products, but we also acquired the full Intellectual Property and research, development, and fabrication assets  behind them, including a portfolio of over 130 worldwide patents for a wide range of optics and lighting products and technologies.  The company has filed over 30 new patents for enhancing projection performance of LED, Phosphor, and Laser-Phosphor Hybrid light sources.  Moreover, inventions such as retroreflection and waveguides are now becoming even more necessary with the widespread adoption of LED lighting.  Our patents cover technology areas such as:

  • Non-Lethal Optical Disruption
  • Airborne Pathogen/Virus Disinfection
  • Light Recycling / Energy Efficiency
  • Optical Waveguides and Fiber Optics for various lighting sources
  • Polarization Recycling for Projection and Displays
  • Liquid Cooled LEDs
  • Laser-LED hybrid light sources for lighting and projection displays
  • Fiber Optic Bundle coupling of single fiber and multiple single-light guides with recycled light
  • Improved Power Handling Capabilities for Fiber products
  • Optimized LED lighting for plant growth
  • Other Light Optimization technologies

PhotonicTek owns the technology for retroreflective light-recycling components for product applications worldwide.  We are currently applying them to non-lethal optical disruption, plant grow lighting, Virus disinfection and medical fiber optic devices .  In addition to these applications, PhotonicTek’s patents cover a broad range of other potential products and uses including:

  • Automotive Headlamps and Vehicle Lighting
  • Signage and Store Displays
  • Spot and Search Lights
  • Entertainment, Stage and Theater Lighting
  • Backlit Billboards
  • Endoscopes and Medical Instruments 
  • Neon Sign replacements
  • Building, Commercial, and Industrial Lighting
  • Video Projection
  • Recreational and Sports lighting
  • Flashlights

Please Contact us for information about any of our patents that cover a specific area of interest to you.  Also, feel free to view our patents in more detail at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website under our former name, MeadowStar Enterprises.