RLT™ Horticulture Grow Lighting

PhotonicTek is applying its expertise to the plant growth lighting market to develop new LED lighting products to optimize plant growth.  RLT™ plant lighting provides highly-focused and uniform-intensity light beams, saving energy and improving plant growth.  At the right you can see how PhotonicTex can shape its plant grow light beam to cover just the plant - note how uniform the lighting is across a plant from edge to edge with no "hot spots" or light drop-off near the edge.  By projecting light directly onto the plant itself and not on the surrounding dirt, walkways, or walls, lighting can be optimized for each grow facility.  Light goes exactly where you need it - on the plant - and "waste" or "stray" light from LEDs is eliminated.

Increase Crop Yield at Reduced Power Cost

No wasted Light or Power! Our technology lets you direct light exactly where it is needed to maximize crop production and reduce facility energy costs.

First, PhotonicTek’s products use our proprietary RLT™ optical element that “amplifies” the light output from LEDs, increasing the projected light output by 150-300% – without consuming any additional power.  By “recycling” a portion of a LED’s light rays that are not directed forward (known as “stray” or “waste” light), this process helps to amplify the light from the LED, further increasing the brightness and illuminance of its light output.  The light’s path is shaped and further optimized, so the downstream beam is directly projected onto the plant itself and nowhere else, ensuring uniformity of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) over the entire plant on all sides and from top to bottom, not wasting light.

Next, by combining our RLT components with tunable spectral optimization in the critical wavelengths of light between 400 and 700nm that drive plant growth, we have a unique capability that significantly improves existing LED lighting performance today.  MeadowStar’s novel approach to plant grow lighting circumvents many problems associated with improving lighting efficiency for horticultural facilities.

Targeted Growth and Maturation Photosynthesis

PhotonicTek's RLT Plant Lighting can be optimally tailored to the plant's growth cycle, whether it is a seedling, well into its growth stage, or fully mature and ready to bud or seed.  Additionally, our RLT technology works for the full range of plant light wavelengths, which further optimizes facility plant-grow operations.

Different plants and even varieties require specific wavelengths of light to stimulate them during their growing cycles.  Below is a list detailing how particular wavelengths help different aspects of plant growth:

  • 380-470nm Key Leaf/Stem Growth
  • 480-530nm Leaf/Stem Growth
  • 540-570nm Penetrates Canopy
  • 580-630nm Some Flower & Budding
  • 640-680nm Major Flower & Budding
  • 690-750nm Added Flower & Budding

  • You Select The Optimal Spectral Output

    Growers can select light photonic spectrum ranges targeted to their crop by specifying either a blended spectrum or a mix of UV/Blue, Mid-Range, and Dark Red radiation to achieve optimal Growth or Maturation.  The latter option offers growers the ability to change spectral output during the growing cycle, tailoring it at specific periods for optimal growth.

    PhotonicTek’s plant grow light products and technology are scalable even for large-sized plant grow facilities.  Additionally, we are working on new technology and product developments that not only simplify lighting architecture and designs, but will vastly improve grow facility efficiency, flexibility, maintainability, and operational costs.

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