RLT™ Increases Brightness 150% - 300%

RLT™ Retroreflectors increase the projected light output of conventional LEDs by 150-300%.  This is made possible by our patented RLT technology which collects the wide-angle “waste” or “stray” light that normally diffuses from a LED source using conventional illumination systems and is unusable.  The stray light is redirected back onto the light source increasing the phosphor emittance and significantly boosting the light output without requiring additional power.  For more information, visit our RLT™ Inside page.

RLT Retroreflector Types

RLT™ Parabolic for RBG LED Chip

PhotonicTek’s patented RLT™ optical retroreflector technology can be used with a wide variety of light sources including LEDs, HIDs, Plasma, and Laser-Phosphor Hybrids.  Power levels range from the low watts and milli-watts to 1,000+ Watts.

RLT products can be used with white, solid single-color, and multicolored LED chips.  The pictures above show a Hemispherical RLT that works well with white and single-color chips and a Parabolic RLT with dual-bounce light recycling that works well with multicolor and multi-chip arrays.

While RLT works best for narrow-focused beam applications, it has also been used to improve the quality and uniformity of light for larger area applications.  Additionally, RLT can help shape an LED light beam for use with optical fiber.  It even provides a uniform cross-section input going into the fiber with no "hot spots".

RLT retroreflector products range in size from small (10mm) to medium (25mm and 40mm) to as large as 8-inches.  Additionally, MeadowStar is currently at work developing our next generation of RLT technology, which will provide simpler integration into lighting products.

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